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Apr. 18th, 2008 @ 10:30 pm (no subject)
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breakfast club
Jan. 28th, 2007 @ 05:10 pm Soundtrack of your life...
Current Location: here.
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: "Walkin' on the Sun" - Smashmouth
Hello. My name is Meaghan, and I'm a procrastinator.

My movie would not flow well...Collapse )

Hello, Meaghan
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breakfast club
Jan. 24th, 2007 @ 12:09 pm seize the day
Current Location: desk
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Newsies
Okay, I just wanted to comment on how fast this semester is going to go by. It's going to be over before we know it.

Gibert (my stuffed, purple, pink, orange, green walrus) agrees.

I also need to start doing more stuff apart from school and work. Last semester basically all I did was work and sleep. So far, I'm really busy and haven't done much because I keep falling asleep early on my days off. I have my four classes (8ams everyday), my job at the Italian Home, my work-study job, concert and pep band, and my girl scout troop... and I'm looking for my next co-op and have to do all my fin. aid stuff for next year. I'm a little overwhelmed (you should see all the post-its I have up!).

Oh my god, and last Sunday night at work, they made me drive to Lynn! First off, I've never driven in Boston. And second, I'm not that familiar with the vans, I've only driven them once (two days before). And I had a child in the car!! What were they thinking!?! Atleast I only got lost a little (we were 1/2 hour late for his class). Admittedly, it was a good driving experience (you know, driving on the highway when I have no idea where I'm going), but I really don't want to have to do that again.

Now, I'm going to go study for my first quiz of the semester and then I'm going to do laundry when I get back from class, because it's been... a while.
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breakfast club
Jan. 17th, 2007 @ 11:52 pm stfu, already!
Current Location: the arctic
Current Music: "Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett

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Well, if that isn't accurate, I don't know what is.
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breakfast club
Dec. 31st, 2006 @ 04:25 am It's over
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: "Come Out Clean" - Jump, Little Children
So, Today was the last day of co-op. What a bittersweat day.
I'm going to miss my kids and the people that I worked with.
I'm not going to miss getting hit and chasing kids and getting up at 5am.
Atleast I'm probably going to still work there, in a few weeks. It'll probably be mostly nights and weekends. yay.

My last day was a pretty good day:
Ups: Snow-ball fighting, joking, getting shot at with a nerf gun
Downs: Restraining, safe room at 10:30pm

Now, I get a week off before classes resume on the 8th, and so commences my semester of hell. I already can tell that I'm going to be rediculously busy all semester. But, you never know, it could be fun...

Happy New Year!!!
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breakfast club
Nov. 28th, 2006 @ 09:27 pm eww, orange juice
Current Location: not outside
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: "Extraordinary Machine" - Fiona Apple
You know you're maturing (um, feel older) when you have the day off, and you buy a bathroom rug and a kettle and you're wicked excited. Can not wait to make tea.. or take a shower and step off onto my new rug. I was also really excited after I bought a utensil separater/holder thing for the kitchen.


Thanksgiving was a wash. I didn't get to go home because I had to work (co-ops are required to do 2 holiday shifts - regular full time have to do three - and mine ended up being Thanksgiving night and Christmas Eve night, at least I have Christmas off, even if I have to work the next day). At least it was a really easy night. There was only one kid, who was four and he fell asleep, the rest of the building went to the movies and some of the kids went on visits. I'm really excited about my dorm at work lately because I'm starting to like it again, all of the kids that were real problems left. I also realized recently that I'm really going to miss the kids when my co-op ends. I think I'm probably going to stick around and do relief work.

I did get to go home the weekend after Thanksgiving which was great.
I hung out with my mom.
Went to go see The Fountain with some friends - the worst movie I've ever seen. Me and Stef laughed for about 5 minutes after the movie ended. Tears streamed down our faces. Her mascara ran. People leaving the theater looked at us. It was such a horrible movie.
I came back to school with 3 new cds, 2 movies, an ipod, and my utensil thing.

CAN NOT believe that it's already the holiday season.
It's too warm!
Wasn't it just summer?
I better start my shopping!

Well I should go get some sleep.
This is my last day off until next Tuesday! yikes! 6 days of work with no break!
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audrey hepburn
Oct. 3rd, 2006 @ 12:25 am MMM, cereal.
Current Location: where AM I?!?
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "A Walk Through Hell" - Say Anything
I need a new watch.

Anyway. I'm basically just posting an entry to take my mind of the fact that I have to pee really really badly, and my roomate just took her lighty-upy mirror into the bathroom and might be in there for a while. I guess I don't understand why you would take a mirror into the bathroom... because there's already one in there...

This weekend went by way too fast. I feel like I didn't really do anything (you know, because I didn't). But it was awesome to be able to sleep late into the afternoon and not have to worry about anything.
I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'm pretty happy, though, three really big problems kids should be gone and that'll make things a little bit easier. All the new kids we got are really well behaved (I love it!) - but that's probably just because they're new and haven't shown their behaviors yet. I got spit on a lot last week. And kicked in the face. It was a crappy, long week... and this week better be better!

OH! I didn't post about the most disgusting thing ever!
Last Saturday, after I came home from work, I was here alone and saw a cockroach!
Luckily my roomates came home a little while later and we all caught it.
I better not see another one. I'm alread a little paranoid and don't really like to sit in the living room with the lights off in case there is one in there. That would be sooo gross. I hate bugs a lot. Stupid old buildings and there stupid bug problems.
But I guess it was okay, I mean facilities came the next afternoon (Sunday!) and treated the apartment and the basement of the building for bugs. YaY!

My roomate is still in the bathroom =(.

This upcoming weekend is Autumnfest!
I'm am really excited about it this year. I'm not really sure why. I guess because I haven't seen some of my friends in months..
I think this year I'm going to be really into the different holidays. I can feel it.

I still like my roomates, but I feel like I haven't really talked to them that much. It's kind of weird. I don't NOT like them, I just feel like I don't know them at all and we've been living together for over a month. oh well.

I really don't have anything else to say.
My feet are pretty cold.. Maybe I'll go put on some socks and then she'll be out of the bathroom.

'til next time...
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cute little dog
Sep. 19th, 2006 @ 12:35 pm Ahoy!
What is with the new LJ pirate theme?

EDIT: nevermind. it's gone now.
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breakfast club
Sep. 18th, 2006 @ 11:08 pm My watch is turning my wrist green =(
Current Location: Really uncomfortable desk chair.
Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: Guster (CD - Lost and Gone Forever)
I don't really want to go to sleep (even though I'm ridonkulously tired) so I decided to make an entry, since it's been a while!

::checks last entry to see what I wrote::
Wow, all the way back in August... well, I guess it was only a couple of weeks ago (okay, it was like 4 weeks ago..).

*New apartment and new roomates*
-Apartment: small. Good, but, omg, it feels so small compared to west village. But I don't have that much stuff so it's all good.
-Roomates: Good. Thank god. No problems yet, they're pretty chill. One has a LOT of stuff, but I guess it all fits... And the other is a little messy, but atleast she keeps everything on her side.

-It's all good. I did a hell week a few weeks ago, and ended up working 2 doubles and an hour of overtime after we went to Six Flags (which was really fun.. and free!)- during a six day work week for me. Atleast I got an awesome paycheck out of it.
- A little kid squirted black paint on me.. it DID NOT come out of my pants. That same week another kid tried to sign my tshirt, using permanent marker (there's still a line, it did not come out).
- I now have to wear sneakers to work everyday because the dorm I work in is out of control and I have to chase kids a lot, and it's easier to run in sneakers rather than flip flops.

Went to MOS today for College night (aka it was free) with Lauren (and Lesley, but she left while we were still in line). We got to see the Body Worlds exhibit, which was pretty cool (definitely wouldn't pay money to see it, but it was cool) and then we walked around in the museum. Lauren petted a scary bear (while smiling and telling me it was soft..) and we got yummy dippin dots before the exhibit (mmm..). There were so many people, it was ridiculous. The T was PACKED the whole way there and back.

There have been other cool things that have happened, but really, I feel like all I do is work, so I can't think of them right now.

Hopefully someone will switch with me this Saturday so I can go camping with the girl scouts. That is assuming I can find a sleeping bag, since I forgot to bring mine to Boston when I went home last weekend.

I Love not having homework (but I hate waking up at 5am on wednesdays - but i think we're going apple picking this wednesday, so it shouldn't be that bad!).

Well, I guess that's all for now. I think I'm going to go watch tv for a little while and move my little stuffed cow (it's staring at me, I swear! And that freaks me out a little).

Wow, I have 11 one dollar bills.
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breakfast club
Aug. 21st, 2006 @ 12:59 am Lists can be fun...
Current Location: on the floor.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: shostakovich
My "oh so nice and fun" roomates decided that they were going to leave a lot of stuff here.
Of course, I'm the last one to leave, so I have to clean everything that's gross and throw away all their things.
A list of random things they left (atleast what I can remember):

- A GIANT table behind the couch(I'm guessing it was used for beer pong since there is a ping pong ball near it). I'm not really sure what to do with it. It's too heavy to thow away and I don't want to tell them because I hate them.
- Rugs. They left all of their dirty bathroom rugs here (wtf).
- TV/DVD remotes.
- One bottle of conditioner, one bottle of body wash, two puffy things that you use in the shower, a razor, a defuser, two toothbrushes, a face cloth, and lots of empty boxes.
- A pan, two used cupcake/muffin tins, a little pink cup, old food and drinks in the refridgerator (and some of mine is missing!!), cleaning stuff (that they definitely never used), and an ice cube tray.
- Some wires.

They left so much stuff, I'm a little scared they'll come back.
I also found some random can of paint under the sink (maybe it belongs to facilities??).

I even cleaned a little with the cleaning stuff they left behind. It's so gross.
And after they all moved out yesterday, I rearranged the furniture how I like it =P.

oo, two entries in one day, neither with any great insight.
I need to sleep now.
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breakfast club